Tuesday, June 22, 2010


"I prefer biography as my first post..."

BENJAR REGIS ROSELLO JR., I don't know him, but let me try to discuss some of his traits...

Who is he... I have been answering several Slum Books (As per request) from some of my friends in elementary and high school would say : "Remembrance lang na siya benjch, pag mudako ta" in the past. Inked my paper, sulating pangwakas and "english composition notebook" with my lengthy "who-am-I essays" in my early school life. (enough with the segway). Going back to the question "who is he?" that up until this very age, we are still bugged to answer...

Who am I?. Technically speaking...? I am stranded in the above-mentioned name for 20 years now, born under the rushing waters of Aquarius last 18th of February in the year 1990 in Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines. They used to call me BENCH, and BENJ in primary and secondary school but I kept the name Ben in college and at work, making it sound more mature, formal and someone who has authority (ohhh...).

The things that drives BEN to happiness is through simple conversations, relaxing in the coastlines, listening to his favorite musics and discuss timely issues of the world. He is moody, been hated for his mood-switching-moments but being loved for his passion for service, talents (if theres any), his stupidity and some reasons my family and TRUE friends can only attest.

During his childhood, he is part of a small group of bastard boys that's doing "kalambag ang kangitngit sa gabie" for little street fights, but has to change and all of the sudden his principles along with behavior has changed for some reasons. He has to push himself to face the realm of life... the ups and downs of whatsoever. (And dami kong comma)

Loves writing (which could be the reason that he is blogging right now), linguist? nah ah... that is too much for a title, he is even close to being illiterate (Laugh-out-loud) for until now, he hasn't mastered the laws of SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT, irony of life is, he is currently working a BUSINESS PROCESS OUTSOURCING COMPANY. poor poor poor X )

He is proud of himself, dictator (in some way), trusts his instinct than considering someone else's opinion however is on the process of correcting it.


More of him in the coming days... (why I am writing in english???)

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